2016 was a year of choices, with which many people weren't happy. Nonetheless, it demonstrated the power of choice in the world. The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is the choices you make. A prime example is Mo Farah. Mo sacrifices 6 months every year to train in solitude in Ethiopia, Away from his home and his family, running hundreds of miles a week.


This Campaign was made during a 2 day Ad Boot Camp alongside W+K and the One Club. The Idea for this campaign was a call to action; urging people to make the choice to push their limits and to show that Nike chooses to reject the idea of giving up and being simply average. Showcasing Nike as a rebellious '3rd choice' by playing off a cardinal Brand sin, using the 'Swoosh' as a tick.

Nike - Make Your Choice


Copywriter: Conrad Haddaway

Copywriter: Xandria Dutlow

Art Director: Isaac Ageus

Art Director: Ghazal Zagar


An extension for this campaign is pairs of limited edition Mo Farah running shoes, the soles of which would be made from the rubber coating of the track on which he breaks a new record.