Fur For Animals - Furever

The aim was to generate as much controversy as possible and reignite the debate about wearing animal fur. Instead of focusing on wild animals people may never have encountered, we decided to bring this debate psychologically closer to home using dead domestic dogs. To do this, we created a fake start-up that turns deceased pets into iPhone cases.

The campaign is centered around the launch of a start-up company, Furever (link to site), across social media. Furever is a service that will offer to turn people’s departed furry friends into iPhone cases through a hassle-free process. The content we have created can be shared on many social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat). However, Furever is not a real company, it acts as a vice to grab attention and raise the question of how far the fur trade really is from your average home owner. In doing so building a platform of interest where we can then publicise.


Copywriter: Conrad Haddaway

Art Director: Adam Crockett

Art Director: Sherwin Teo