Ecover - Think Outside the House

Ecover, is an eco-friendly cleaning product brand, which aims to improve cleaning products and stop pollution, without loss of cleaning ability. Upon analysis, Ecover portrays itself as a smarter, greener company. Most people have developed an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude to cleaning. People have no issues pouring dangerous chemicals down the drain and into the environment. This campaign encourages people to think about their environmental impact whilst cleaning.


Copywriter: Conrad Haddaway

Art Director: Conrad Haddaway

These giant ecover bottles would act as public activations. The forest bottle represents ecover's use of plant based ingredients and biodegradable packaging. The idea is that people can get inside, sit amongst the flowers and pet the rabbit which symbolises Ecover's leaping bunny approved status (non animal testing certification). The Aquarium bottle shows the fact that ecover uses recyled ocean plastic and there products are also non toxic to marine life.