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Hi! Thanks for taking the time out to sit and read this paragraph. I’m Conrad  Ivan Haddaway. I am a Graphic Design Student studying at Central St Martins, specialising in Advertising.


I know that this is the place where I should say something like “I’m great at working alone or as part of a team”, but the simple truth is just that I love what I do. I’m always looking for new opportunities, whether it’s coming up with ideas alongside Agency creatives or just trying to make something interesting that makes people look at it, exhale a little from their nose and leaves them with an impressed smirk.

Billingsgate Magazine: Blokes and Fish
This PhotoJournalistic magazine was the product of a brief to explore a place and produce a magazine which opened it up for everyone to gain an insight. The cover is designed to mimic a slab of salmon. The Zine contains pictures from my 04:00 AM tour of Billingsgate Fish Market. All of the photos can be found in the Photography section.
TimeOut London: 'Outsomnia' Campaign.
This app idea was designed as a promotion for TimeOut London to encourage the insomniacs of London to get out-and-about, hence the name 'Outsomnia'. The concept of the app is that it only 'awakens' after 10pm local time, giving users access to special events such as exhibitions and promotional offers, the app also allows night enthusiasts to join up with people with the same interests such as night Photography.
This series of campaign designs stemmed from a Biology experiment, in which we were reviewing human tissues affected by various diseases.


After taking these pictures through the lense of the microscope I realised a striking resemblance to celestial bodies without any need of editing whatsoever. These images then prompted me to then go on to create a space-themed Cancer awareness campaign.

Cancer Awareness Campaign.
This is my Penguin book cover design for the series of short stories written by Marcus Bastel, titled "Darker Than Fiction". This cover design was awarded a prize at the Central St Martins Penguin book cover design competition, judged by a panel of several Typographic and Book Design indsustry heavyweights such as Phil Baines.
Penguin Book Cover Design.
Killer Whale Soju.

Killer Whale premium black Soju is my take on luxury Alcoholic beverages. Soju is an extremely popular Korean spirit which is slowly becoming more popular and stylish in the western world. 


The design itself is heavily Asia-centric, with the K and W of the Main text  as currency symbols for the Laos Kip and Korean Won. The body of the bottle was actually designed as a concept for Jägermeister by Semyon Kirilin, I felt that the aesthetic of it complimented my imagined image for this Product.

Web-Design: ATARAXI

Ataraxi is a luxury fashion brand which specialises in menswear design, with a crisp and edgy style. It is one of my first forays into webdesign. I decided to give the site a crisp and simple style to give greater focus on the designs whilst making them stand out. The website has a convenient and easy to navigate layout, with contact and press pages; essential for any up-and-coming designers. 


Link to full site:

Poem: Britain is built on breakfast

This is a poem I wrote to promote the full English breakfast, I aimed to summarise the true nature of it. It's something quite unrefined but the extremely cultural. Many people look down on a typical full English and the people that eat them. But what they may not realise is that it fuels the men and women that help this country run.




If you like what you see, want to hire me or just want a chat, please do not hesitate to contact me through the form below.

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Wild In The City.
60 ceramic, life-size foxes by Finnish artist Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä were placed around east London. They are numbered and Photographed on location. Finders, Keepers. This video gives a brief insight into the ingenious project from the London Design festival.
A Videographic insight into the relatively unknown art of Beekeeping and rural honey production. 
Music: Invention
"A healthy adult Human should have 32 teeth." This video was produced as a way of helping people to remember that fact.
ATARAXI: The Year of The Monkey.
This short fashion film was created for the Chinese New Year promotion of ATARAXI's latest collection.
Shop here.
ATARAXI: Dark Paradise.
During Malta fashion week 2015 ATARAXI premiered their collection titled 'Dark Paradise' this fashion film was produced to show the contrast between light and dark, luxury and creativity, Darkness and Paradise.
04:00am tour of BIllingsgate Fish Market.

This series of photos was from my early morning tour of Billingsgate Fish Market, for my project on people and places. This was one of my favourite excursions as I love to immerse myself in new environments and give an insight into the vibe of places which are previously unknown to many. I also enjoy getting to know strangers and telling their vibrant stories.

ATARAXI in Malta.

I was flown out to Malta to photograph for the fashion brand ATARAXI to document their time at Malta Fashion week 2015, shooting both behind the scenes and on the catwalk. These pictures give a peek at their lookbook and also my view of the beautiful Island of Malta, a country full of character. The rest of the material as well as other pieces I have done for them can be found at

Iceland and Reykjavík.​

These pictures are the result of a 4 day photography trip of Iceland, all the way from the cutting edge harpa concert hall to wild Icelandic horses.


Photgraphs from my first time visiting the Iconic city of New York.

Wild in The City.

60 ceramic, life-size foxes by Finnish artist Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä were placed around east London. They are numbered and Photographed on location. Finders, Keepers. These pictures were taken as apart of a collaboration with the artist to document her process of hiding the foxes and portraying their personalities.

The Cult and Classic.

The Cult and Classic is an online seller of Luxury Fashion Brands. This series of photographs was taken for use on their website, helping to portray the luxurious elegance of the clothes they stock and the level of customer service they provide. Shop here.

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